Nov 20, 2008


ok so.... we have yet to have a post that isn't image related.... and since this is our blog and i can kinda do what i please i wanna write something about my little mantra I've been trying to live by for the last year or so. LIVE LOVE CREATE INSPIRE

i want to live. i want to experience as much of this world as i possibly can. i want to say to people "I've done that' or "I've been there". I want to go places and see things. i want to travel. i want to spend hours on end with friends and people i love, and fully appreciate every second with them. i want to be able to know i can turn to any one of my friends in a time of need and they will help me (I actually already know i can but I want to keep it that way). I want to do things differently. I want to be less about money and what people think is right for me, and more about what I want to do to make me feel alive and keep me inspired to keep goin.

i believe in love. i feel sorry for those who don't... cause it's incredibly powerful and wonderful (thank u Cayla, whom im in love with, and every person who i know i can say i truly love.. you know who you are). If i sound like a "hippie' to you right now... then I feel so sorry for you. One day I want to be able to say "im in love" or "i've loved" etc.

This is my life. Im a designer. i work all day doing design... and then when i can find free time... i design some more. it keeps me alive. Im not saying design is the only way of creating. I'm inspired by creations of all kinds - music, engineering, food, art, etc. I love the quote: "If you're not creating, you're dying". what is the point of being on earth if you're never gonna show it something you've created with your own mind? I dont care if u crunch pointless numbers all day at work... then go home and make something beautiful. teach someone something. make beautiful words. I want to leave this place and leave something behind that can be seen by others.

I want someone to look up at me and what I do and be like "... i wanna be like him" or "i wanna learn to do that". this is not out of arrogance... this is from experience. SO many people and things have inspired me throughout my life.. and i wanna be that someone or something for someone else. If i can do it, so can you. Even if i just inspire one person in my whole life... I'd be content with that achievement.

thanks for listening.
that was from the heart.
i'm not a hippie
i'm not arrogant... how can i be with grammar like this?


Messy Perfection said...

brilliant. From the heart. the way it should be.

Elbows Off the Table said...

word holmes
didnt even read over cause i was scared of da ENNNNGRIIIISH

Cay said...

i think my sms to you now said it all...

but wow nick!!
and i agree with Jaz