Jan 13, 2009


Esuritio, originally uploaded by Messy Perfection.

Custom DIY Baby Qee I did.
2 more coming..


No one knows the true origins of this character. When he was found as a child, he had murdered and eaten his whole family.

Yet he has no memory of this.

Thus they now calll him Esuritio -
The 'Hunger'.


Elbows Off the Table said...

yes boy... YAAAAAASSSS

Steve Rack said...

This is a wicked character. Poor guy has emotional baggage.

I like your work. Nice style.

Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way. Glad you like the large box.



Elbows Off the Table said...

hey man :)
thanks for checking our stuff :)
this little dude is Jaz's. he's rad hehehehe :)

thanks man!