Mar 9, 2009

We were there - The End is Nigh presents: The Bloody Beetroots

(Video by benbo2121)

DANGEROUS DANGEROUS!! Italian duo Sir Bob and Tommy Tea aka THE BLOODY BEETROOTS destroyed the dancefloors in South Africa. Fill in the Blanks/ The 241 Collective (whatever you know us as) were present at the Joburg END IS NIGH gig. and faaak. FAAAAK. Our feet are sore and we don't care. Good fucking grief. ALL THE DJS IN FACT (CAPS LOCK +9000). Thanks to Kesh, Donovan and Blaise (& whoever else, tell me and i'll insert your name here) for making it happen. I literally walked back to my car singing Seal - Turn Back the Time. FUCK!
~Messy Perfection

(Nick add something and tell the loyal blog viewers what you thought of the night. add McDonalds)