Nov 1, 2009

Gerald. the sugar skull

day of dead skull, originally uploaded by Elbows OFF the table.

just a skull I doodled for The Night of 100 Drawings.
never drawn a day of the dead skull before. they're so much fun hahaha.
A5 with pigment markers and watercolour


Jale said...

I was at 1000 drawings last night and only got to see your sugar skull when it was too late!!! Someone had plastered their number on it!!! I even went back at 9pm to plead with the new owner but she loved it as much as i did!!! Please please can i also have a sugar skull???
Jale x

Elbows Off the Table said...

hahahaha hey there :)
wow, glad you liked it hehehe.
yeah i can totally make one for you for a minimal fee ;)
just email me at and let me know if you want another drawing :)