Mar 30, 2010

My Toffie Festival Experience

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to Cape Town for The Toffie Festival hosted by The President.

Day One
Registered at the festival, so I got a lucky packet in form of a potato bag filled with: Airwaves chewing gum, an issue of MK Bruce Lee, Croxley sketchpads, pens, stickers, sweets and a poster. Went to the circuit bending workshop with Manta Raya (Argentina) and fucked up this neat little toy:

Went to Royale that night with Daniel Ting Chong and met Siggi Eggertsson (Iceland) who is possibly the tallest guy I have ever met. I then posed for a photo for Justine while I was pretending to eat Masha's burger - who was standing behind me (sorry Masha). I also got to shake hands with Jorge Alderete (Mexico) and overheard him asking about Die Antwoord.

Day Two
Woke up at 10:00 (fuck) which means I was missing the Peet Pienaar talk and probably Wynand Myburgh (Van Coke Cartel) too. Daniel was only picking Siggi up from town later, and Alice was already at the festival so I had to catch a taxi which cost me R100 (fuck). Did I mention the taxi also broke down on the way to Rondebosch? (FUCK). Luckily I managed to get half of Jorge's talk which was really cool - seeing how he did his own dingbats. During the break Manta Raya asked if I wanted to play on stage with them with the keyboard I circuit bent -

"But I don't know what I'm supposed to do."
"It's OK, at the end of one of our songs we just make a lot of noise."

Later I attended the Kronk workshop on vinyl toy customization and got to meet him afterwards (yoh).

Day Three
Davide won the DJ Hero competition (whaaaaat) on medium mode (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat).

It was the final day of the Toffie Festival (miff) and seeing fly on the wall and their showreel was fucking amaaazing. They are responsible for: the cool MTV intervals Paperjet Poet and Midnight Painter; the Circular Painting on Discovery Channel; the Fokof documentary; and lots more cool shit, see their site. I love the work they do - it's just so evident how they put all their heart into their work and it definitely gets carried through to the audience.

Juan Frontini (Argentina) was up next and he does all the creative concept stuff for MTV. The first ads he showed that were for MTV Latin America were cool because they were so raw compared to what is socially acceptable here. He was joined by Nacho Gil who also works with Juan and was also exhibiting at the event.

Siggi Eggertsson really ended off the Toffie Festival with a bang, probably the best talk of all... Well, he didn't talk at all, his computer friend did. The talk consisted of: the Athletes exhibition done in Barcelona, a roller-coaster ride (literally) of a typeface he made with a friend, a quilt graduation project and short animated music video. I think this was the best talk because of how Siggi really explained what inspired his work. For example, he chose to do a portrait of Eidur Gudjohnsen because of the national pride it gave him when he saw Gudjohnsen play.

Afterwards Siggi came over to watch the Liverpool vs Sunderland game. Nice one. Unfortunately he supports Chelsea.

I also got my portrait done by love and hate:

Thanks for the great weekend.
Thanks to The President for organizing it.
The end.

P.S You can download the Toffie Track by Manta Raya and Francois Van Coke HERE