Dec 24, 2008

Aeroplane Posting

So I got this concept. And I want everyone to join in.

I was on the aeroplane and I was looking out the window.
My cup of tea. Clouds. City lights.

Then I just had this urge to leave a message. So I did.
I opened up my bag and got out my Visual Diary, tore out a page and wrote:

"Smile. (Everything is going to be alright)"
and left it in the tray at the back of the seat.

I wrote another.

"Do you realise. Someday. That everyone you know will die."
compliments of The Postal Service) and left it folded and stuck
in the window by the emergency exit.

I don't have a camera so I obviously didn't take pics. Since it's the holiday season and everyone is gonna be flying around - how about some Aeroplane Posting?Leave a message for someone to find in the plane one day, take a picture, and we'll post it here on the blog for everyone to see.