Dec 20, 2008

This is a must

Ok, I found this little shop here called SpringLeap.
Basically their retail outlet is linked to their website.
So, you design a T-shirt, you upload it to their website (where you can see everyone's entries and vote) and then wait till the end of the month to see who the winners are. The winning designs are printed in all sizes, boys and girls, and sold from their shop in Seapoint. They give credit where it's due and all T-shirts have the artist's name attatched. It's genius.


Eric from springleap said...

Thanks for the mention. Looking forward to having you hang out on springleap...

Elbows Off the Table said...

no problemo :)
amped to get back to JHB and get some designs ready for submition :)

Eric from said...

Great news. Springleap now has a picture gallery, so please upload pics of you wearing your springleap tshirts so the rest of the world can see it.

Here's my fav pic so far:

It's Craig Native, a South African fashion designer celeb.